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Our mind is a battleground. In order to win battles, there is a need to renew the mind. How to renew the mind?

1. Recognize false beliefs; about self, others, and even God. The way of thinking makes a huge difference on how to proceed in life, and making decisions. 

2. Be open to change. Resentment to change builds walls, rejecting transformation. The result is, stubbornness and dysfunctionality in the state of mind.

3. Be patient with the process. Proper process and time is required to achieve goals. Many abort the process because of impatience and miss the opportunity of renewing the mind.

It requires courage to walk through this path. It is worth all the time and effort, for the result is lasting, teaching endurance and leading to victory.

Join the journey on the road less traveled.

Renewing Mind

What comes to mind thinking about marriage?  

Marriage is a wonderful unity, that makes you feel loved, accepted and protected. Marriage shapes you to become a better person. Even 

though there is no perfect marriage, but there is a healthy marriage.

When you understand and learn more about your spouse, you appreciate, and respect them, and know how to love one another through your imperfections. We support one another despite our differences.

As we learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses; then we learn to become a

real helpmate to each other, that is when marriage becomes healthier.

Marriage is a work of art. Whatever

you picture, that is what you draw:

a beautiful picture or an ugly one.


"After suffering for fourteen years from night terrors and sleep deprivation, I was set free, through prayer and counseling."

Samantha - Los Angeles, CA








Names of individuals were changed to protect their privacy

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