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Address: P O Box 14482

Van Nuys, CA 91409

Mountain Ridge
  • Biblical Counseling vs. Phsycology
    Biblical counseling has a different approach than traditional counseling offered by Psychologists. In Biblical Counseling we use phycological technics, but our focus is the Word of God, because we believe that the Bible offers the answer for issues everyone's live, whether in the lives of individuals, couples, and families. Biblical counseling deals with the heart, because the heart is deceitful causing conflicts in our daily life. The Bible gives us divine wisdom to overcome our issues. In reality Biblical counseling is very effective, because God leads the counselor and the counsel to reach out a resolution. The Bible tells us that mankind is composed of flesh, soul and spirit and we need to address each areas struggle. Therefore as humans we are physical, emotional, cognitive, and relational beings. Once the change starts in the heart it will bring a change in your mindset, lifestyle, perspective, and the signs of maturity will be evident. As the Holy Spirit is invited to work in the person's life the fruit is amazing. In Biblical counseling there is no room for condemnation, instead there is encouragement as we walk the journey of your healing with you. In Biblical counseling we do not treat the fruit (the symptom) but we deal with the root for deeper healing.
  • What is School of Hope?
    What makes School of Hope different? We do not only give you knowledge and theories to deal with your symptoms. But, we introduce technics in the light of the Word of God dealing with the root of the problem. We ask the leading and the power of the Holy Spirit in your situation. Who gives you the tools and insight on how to deal with your challenges and to overcome them. Our goal is to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that hope will rise up in you.
  • Do you offer videos on Demand?
    We offer videos on demand which you could purchase on this website. We also offer different webinars through out the year. Most subjects are about inner healing that leads to freedom and living in God's given full potential.
  • How about if I need one-on-one counseling?
    Definitly, contact us to let us know your need. We will inform you the steps to follow in order to make your initial appointment. We offer virtual meeting that will enable you to join us from different geographical location. Our counselor is a graduate of Light University and Board Certified by BCPPC with many years of counseling experience.
  • Is membership free to School of Hope website?
    Yes, membership is free. Basically, you sing up to the website to create an account in order to purchase videos or register to a webinar.
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